Mother finds out daughter was Melbourne attack victim

Thalia hakin melbourne car attack tragedy
Thalia Hakin (Supplied)

The mother of one of the Melbourne car attack victims has only just learned her daughter is dead.

Nathalie Hakin was with her daughters Thalia and Maggie at the Bourke Street Mall when Dimitrious Gargasoulas allegedly drove his Holden through the crowd, seriously injuring Ms Hakin and Maggie and killing Thalia.

Ms Hakin was taken to hospital in a critical condition. She only learned today her daughter had died and funeral arrangements had been made.

"Up to this morning she was not aware. So much of the planning had to be done behind her back," husband and father Tony Hakin told

"Nat woke up and said, 'I know what happened. Some maniac got my family and I don't know how to deal with it'."

Mr Hakin told mourners at a memorial service that Maggie had called him and alerted him to her sister's death.

"She said 'some idiot has run over my leg and it's broken, and just run over my toe'. I said 'Maggie, where's your Mum?' and she said 'Mum is on the ground and people are looking after her'."

But when he asked her where Thalia was Maggie didn't reply. He sped to the scene where he found his daughter's body.

Emergency workers told him "there's a 10-year-old over there, she may be yours. Do you know what she was wearing?"

Ms Hakin said she wanted mourners at the funeral to know Thalia had been her "little butterfly, the light of my life".