Netherlands moves to counter Trump's abortion funding ban

  • 26/01/2017
Donald Trump (Getty)
Donald Trump (Getty)

The Netherlands is launching a global fund to help women access abortion services to compensate for US President Donald Trump's ban on federal funding for foreign groups providing abortions.

The Dutch government has held preliminary discussions on the initiative with other European Union members who have responded positively, a foreign ministry spokesman said. Governments outside the EU, companies and social institutions will also be approached to participate.

Mr Trump has reinstated a policy that requires foreign NGOs who receive US global family planning funds to certify that they do not perform abortions or provide abortion advice as a method of family planning.

Dutch officials estimate that Trump's restrictions will cause a funding shortfall of US$600 million over the next four years.

Women's rights and health campaigners have reacted with anger at Mr Trump's move. They say restrictions on abortion endanger women's lives. Mr Trump has also pledged to withdraw funding from US domestic abortion services.

The Netherlands' laws on reproduction and reproductive health are among the world's most liberal.