Obamas' dog bites teen girl on the face

President Obama's dog Sunny and the girl who was bitten by the Portuguese water dog.
The girl may suffer a small scar (Getty/TMZ)

US President Barack Obama's dog may need to spend some time locked in the kennel after she bit a family friend.

The 18-year-old was visiting the White House on Monday when she went to pet and kiss four-year-old Sunny, and was bitten on the face, TMZ reports.

Pictures show the teen with a reasonable gash under her eye. It's understood the Obamas' family physician, Dr Ronny Jackson, decided the cut was so bad, she needed stitches.

It is likely the girl will have a small scar but otherwise make a full recovery.

Sunny's breed - Portuguese water dog - is considered a very friendly dog, even toward strangers.

The Obamas have two Portuguese water dogs - eight-year-old Bo, who has the title of 'First Dog', and four-year-old Sunny.

Bo was gifted to the Obama family by Senator Ted Kennedy.