Orangutan captured teaching itself how to use a saw

Primates have once again proved their intelligence, with hidden camera footage capturing an orangutan using a handsaw in the correct way without even being shown how to use it.

The footage comes from a new television series produced by the BBC, PBS and Thirteen Productions called Spy in the Wild. The show uses hidden cameras disguised as robotic animals to film its real-life counterparts in their natural habitats.

A female orangutan is filmed picking up the saw and almost immediately using it to cut into tree branches on the deck of a jungle hut.

She uses her feet to steady the branch, and has no problem holding the saw because like a human, she has opposable thumbs.

As the robotic orangutan joins in, the real one becomes competitive and starts sawing with vigour, before growing tired and coming to a stop.

However, as narrator David Tennant explains, it was a pretty good effort for a novice.

Watch the full preview clip below.