Pigeons, seagulls pester residents in Sydney

Australia's battling more than just sharks, snakes and creepy crawlies - a feathered fiend has swooped into Sydney with a new problem.

Pesky pigeons and seagulls have been pestering residents, making themselves right at home and helping themselves to a free feed without so much as a 'please' or 'thank you'.

"I was just sitting here eating my lunch and a bird came and stole it out of my hand," one person told Newshub.

"[It was] so scary, they're dangerous."

Another person says the birds are so bold, they take food straight off of the plates waiters are carrying.

Sydneysiders are sick of the scavengers, wanting them evicted and some calling for a bird cull.

But authorities have tried to deter the birds in the past and failed - the Opera House had a robot hawk and kites that looked like owls.

Sydney Council says it doesn't have a bird eradication problem and their advice is simple - don't feed hungry birds.