Queen Elizabeth I's only remaining clothing found

In her day, Queen Elizabeth the First was every bit the fashionista that Princess Diana was and the Duchess of Cambridge is.

And yet despite her known enjoyment of clothes, none of them have survived through history.

Or so we thought. 

What may be the only surviving piece of clothing worn by the monarch has been found in a small church in rural Herefordshire, where it was used as an altar cloth. 

Curator Eleri Lynn visited the church during research and identified the cloth through the embroidery and the botanical pattern. 

"This was reserved only for immediate members of the royal family. That's just Elizabeth," she says. 

It's thought it could even be the piece of clothing worn in this famous portrait of the queen. 

A painting of queen elizabeth I getty

She was known to have given clothes to her favourite lady-in-waiting, Blanche Parry, who lived in rural Herefordshire at the time. 

For years it was hung on the altar, and then on the wall. 

It's now back at Hampton Court palace for restoration, where the queen may well have worn it.