Riders stuck on top of rollercoaster at Movie World

All those aboard a jammed rollercoaster at Movie World on the Gold Coast have been safely evacuated from the ride by emergency crews.

No one was injured in the incident, but the last to be freed were trapped there for almost two hours

The Arkham Asylum rollercoaster jammed at the top, leaving the riders dangling dangerously towards the ground below. 

A theme park spokesman confirmed the ride sustained a 'mechanical issue with a chain'.

Emergency services were called to the scene just before midday (local time). 

The Arkham Asylum rollercoaster travels at speeds of up to 85kmh and includes five "stomach-churning inversions", according to Movie World's website. 

Movie World is one of several theme parks on the Gold Coast. The park faced a similar incident last year when the Green Lantern rollercoaster broke down, leaving a carriage of people stuck at the top.