Saved their bacon: Russian firemen rescue more than 100 pigs

  • 23/01/2017

Firefighters have attended a massive blaze at a farm in Russia - and they didn't make a pig's ear of it either, managing to save the lives of dozens of porkers.

The incident, which happened last Friday (local time), could easily have resulted in smoked hams galore if not for the swift intervention of the valiant group of fire service representatives.

The Russian Emergency Ministry was so pleased with their efforts that it released a video on Sunday showing them saving the animals from the farm, located in the Siberian region of Tomsk.

The footage showed the firefighters carrying the pigs safely away from the blaze.

According to the ministry, when the fire started there were up to 200 pigs present - most of which were saved.

No humans were injured in the blaze, of which the cause has yet to be determined or investigated.