'Screw our President!' Connor the tween firestarter lights up social media

Connor - starts fires (Fox News/YouTube)
Connor - starts fires (Fox News/YouTube)

It's been 27 years since the hit song, and finally we now know who started the fire - it was Connor.

Connor is a young boy who was seen protesting near a blaze on the streets of Washington DC the night before Donald Trump's inauguration as US President (Friday night NZ time).

Approached by Fox News, Connor - last name unknown - told reporter Griff Jenkins, "I actually kinda started this fire."

Asked why, Connor told the right-wing news network: "Because I felt like it and I'm just saying, screw our president!"

"OK, well, there you have it," said Mr Jenkins, quickly ending the interview.

Forgive us, Billy Joel. We should have believed you. Connor was the punkin' instigator all along.