Shots fired at Brazilian wedding in 'revenge' attack

Warning this video may disturb some viewers.

A wedding in Brazil almost turned deadly after it was interrupted by a revenge shooting, just metres from the altar. 

A video has emerged of the shooting in a church in the small municipality of Limoeiro de Anadia in the northeastern state of Alagoas.

It is thought the shooting occured on Saturday (local time).

The footage, captured by the wedding videographer, shows the gunman calmly walking behind the bride as she enters the church.  

Dressed in a striped T-shirt and glasses, he reaches the second or third row of pews; he pulls out a concealed handgun from his trousers and begins shooting. In just seconds, two men and one woman were shot. 

As guests run for cover, the man walks calmly back outside. 

Police have identified the shooter as Umberto Ferreira dos Santos, but they're still looking for them.

It's reported three people from the same family were shot: 62-year-old Cicero Barbosa da Silva, his 37-year-old son Edmilson Bezerra da Silva and his wife.

The three victims were hospitalised for their gun wounds.The two men underwent surgery and are in stable condition, while the woman suffered minor injuries.

Following the chaos, the bride and groom actually continued the ceremony and are now officially married.

Brazilian authorities said they believe dos Santos came to the wedding with the intention of seeking revenge for the death of his son. It's believed the 37-year-old was a main suspect in the son's death.