Stranded dog saved by heroic US SAR team

A US search and rescue team embarked on a somewhat unusual mission on Friday (local time), hiking to rescue a stranded dog.

The stuck pup, named Mary, was trapped on a cliff more than 15 metres high near Provo, Utah.

A rescue team hiked up the mountain with a dog harness in order to rappel the dog, and treats to lure her.

"This is probably like the stupidest way to die right?" one of the rescuers commented in a video posted by the Utah County Sheriff's Office on Monday, perched on the side of the cliff.

But it wasn't an easy rescue. She had reportedly been abused by previous owners and got nervous whenever the team got close to her.

"After slowly drawing it near with food and nearly getting a hold on its collar (it broke away), we never got another chance," search and rescue volunteer Shaun Roundy says.

"It seemed quite ready to jump off the 50 foot cliff rather than let us get that close again."

The team had to give up at nightfall, leaving Mary on the mountain with food and hand warmers, but she wasn't stuck up there long.

"Sometime later, Friday night or Saturday morning, Mary jumped and was reunited with her owner," the Sheriff's Office says.

The pooch received some cuts to her paws and was bruised, but otherwise safe and well.