Sydney woman survives axe attack because of her dreadlocks

  • 08/01/2017

A Sydney woman is lucky to be alive after an axe attack in which her dreadlocks may have saved her life.

Sharon Hacker was one of three people attacked in an alleged assault at a service station in the inner-west suburb of Enmore.

A woman has been charged, after leaving two of her victims bleeding heavily with serious wounds.

Ms Hacker was told she only survived because of her dreadlocked hair.

"They watched the footage and said… 'she tried to take your head off', and said, 'If you didn't have that hair you wouldn't have a head right now,'" she told 7 News.

"She came in with full force and swung and hit the man across the face, and then turned immediately around to me again with both hands with the axe into the back of my head."

Watch the video for the full 7 News report.