Teen tried to get into Spain in suitcase

spain migrant suitcase
The woman's behaviour raised the authorities' suspicions (Spanish Civil Guard)

Spanish authorities have found a Gabonese teenager stuffed in a suitcase, attempting to cross into Spanish territory with the help of a young woman.

The 22-year-old woman was stopped last week at a border crossing at Ceuta - one of two Spanish cities in northern Africa - from Morocco.

Spain's Civil Guard said the woman had an "evasive attitude" while going through security checks and speaking to authorities.

Once they found the 19-year-old migrant from Gabon, he was given immediate medical attention because of the lack of oxygen in his tiny hiding place.

They say the woman came to their attention when she was carrying her luggage on top of a trolley.

It's one of many stories of people trying to make the treacherous crossing from Africa into Europe via the Mediterranean.

It also comes around the same time as up to 1100 sub-Saharan migrants tried stormed Ceuta on New Year's Day. They tried to overwhelm the guards with sheer numbers, but most were eventually turned back, the Spanish and Moroccan governments said. Only two were allowed into Ceuta for hospital treatment, while the rest were returned to Morocco.

Five Spanish and 50 Moroccan police officers were injured after the migrants used rocks and metal bars to break through the gates, Reuters reported.

Morocco's interior ministry said 10 of its security forces were seriously wounded. It estimated there were 800 migrants involved - all of whom had been arrested.

The Spanish government said around 1100 tried to make the crossing.