'The father of Pac-Man', Masaya Nakamura, dies

Pac-Man is one of the most successful games invented (AP)
Pac-Man is one of the most successful games invented (AP)

Masaya Nakamura, the man behind classic and revolutionary game Pac-Man, has died at the age of 91.

Also known as the 'Father of Pac-Man', Mr Nakamura died on January 22, the company he founded announced.

While most modern video games encourage violence, Pac-Man is a game that represents non-violence and tests the minds of players to escape from ghosts and monsters.

It's estimated the game has been played more than 10 billion times and holds the Guinness World Record for the most successful coin-operated arcade game.

Mr Nakamura founded the company Namco in 1955 and first created Pac-Man in 1980.

The company, which merged to create Bandai Namco in 2005, released information of his death.

No further details were released and the funeral is expected to be a private affair with a separate public memorial being planned for followers of his most famous character.