'Hey, this is library' - four simple words shut down anti-Trump protesters

this is library

A new internet sensation has emerged after a man silenced a group of anti-Donald Trump protesters in the middle of a library in a US university.

Video has emerged of the student using only four simple words to silence the noisy group.

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on January 21, the protesters can be heard chanting in the University of Washington library.

"Who's got the power?

"We've got the power!

"What kind of power?

"People power."

However, their chants fell silent when the student, who was clearly agitated by the noise, interrupted the group to be quiet so he could return to his studies. 

"Hey - this is library," he said. 

Since then, it has received more than 420,000 views on YouTube, with parody videos and memes being made in the student's honour. 

Language warning on this one:

Anyone else reminded of the time Newshub's Patrick Gower was silenced in a library? (Another language warning on this one...)