Top pets Trump should get

When the Trump family move in to the White House on Friday, they'll become the first First Family in decades to move in without a pet.

But many are wondering whether a furry friend might be on the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

So what if Donald Trump does decide to follow tradition and bring an animal into the White House?

The next big dilemma is what kind of pet he should get, so we at Newshub decided to help him out.

A furry Peruvian caterpillar

Like owner, like pet. Mr Trump can take that to the next level with this furry pal.

Sure, the flannel moth caterpillar is super toxic, but it could still make a great friend.

A long-haired guinea pig

Long-haired guinea pig (Getty)
(Getty / file)

As president of the US, Mr Trump is likely to get bored fairly easily. He'll be made to attend security and other vastly boring meetings.

But how can you make a meeting less boring? With a friend small enough to hide in your lap.

Plus, a long-haired guinea pig would be great for Mr Trump because if his hair thins, he can just put it right on his head.

The dog that voted for him

"When I say raise your hand, everybody raises their hand." It's a proud quote from Mr Trump, who while campaigning, got people to pledge to vote him.

And as CNN found out, even a dog pledged to vote for him (albeit somewhat reluctantly).

If Mr Trump adopted this dog he would know for sure it was one which supported him - rather than an awkward discovery that a pup was a Clinton supporter.

This cat from the SPCA

Portia the beautiful cat (SPCA)

Portia is a beautiful young woman who knows what she wants. She also looks as if she knows something you don't.

It's a perfect fit for Mr Trump. He fires off on Twitter at anyone who slights him - this is a cat who will not tolerate such immature behaviour.

This is a cat who will bring down that Trumptastic ego a tad, because she is the one on top of the world, not him.