Topless protest at Trump wax figure unveiling

Things didn't quite go to plan when a topless activist from the feminist group FEMEN attacked a life- size wax model at Madrid's wax museum.

During the rather rude unveiling ceremony on Wednesday (local time), the protestor pushed past security ropes and then grabbed the crouch of wax statue Donald Trump.

The woman yelled "grab patriarchy by the balls". These words in response to a recording leaked last October where Mr Trump spoke of grabbing women "by the pussy".

FEMEN later claimed responsibility for the protest on Twitter.


Museum staff were quick to act and tried to restrain the woman by bundling her out back door, also attempting to cover her naked body with balloons before eventually kicking her out.

The international activist group began in Ukraine and is known for using nudity in protests over women's rights.

Meanwhile, Madame Tussauds unveiled their own wax version of the President-elect in Washington DC which used yak hair for his famous mop and squirrel fur for his eyebrows.