Trump personally demanded proof of crowd attendance - report

US President Donald Trump personally ordered the acting director of the National Park Service to prove his inauguration was the biggest in history, according to the Washington Post.

Acting National Park Service director Michael Reynolds received a phone number from the White House for him to call, a number he didn't recognise.

According to the report, which cited three people who knew about the conversation, upon making the call Mr Reynolds was told to hold for the President. Mr Trump went on to ask him to produce additional photographs of the inauguration on Washington Mall showing the size of the crowd, believing they would back up his claim of a one million plus crowd.

It was reported that the President vented his anger at the Park Service agency for tweeting photos comparing both Mr Trump's and Mr Obama's inaugurations.

While the Park Service does not release crowd estimates, experts believe the 2017 turnout was no more than a third the size of Mr Obama's 2009 ceremony. 

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders responded to the claims saying it was their administrations way of keeping "accessible, and constantly in touch."

She also took a stab at Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton.

"He's not somebody who sits around and waits. He takes action and gets things done," she says.

"That's one of the reasons that he is president today, and Hillary Clinton isn't."