US border team's top smuggling snags

Carrots used to smuggle marijuana
The 2,817 carrot-shaped packages carried an estimated street value of NZ$700,000 (Twitter)

To celebrate a successful year of drug busting-and crime-fighting, the US Customs Border Protection (CBP) team have shared their "top, weirdest & most memorable" seizures of 2016.

CPB officers found fake carrots stuffed with more than 1100kg of marijuana in Texas. The fake carrots were hidden amongst a shipment of real ones arriving from Mexico. 

Border patrol disallowed the goal these drug smugglers were trying to score. Around 25kg of marijuana was found hidden in a foosball table when a Canadian woman tried to cross the border with the table in her truck. 

When Grand Theft Auto just wasn't enough this 16-year-old he took it to the streets, attempting to smuggle close to 1.5kg of meth in his Xbox.

Not your average smuggling operation - a passenger travelling to Miami from Cuba was stopped with nine live birds, six in a fanny pack and three in the groin area.

Officers in Texas were kept busy, finding 645kg of marijuana hidden in coconuts mixed in with a shipment of the real thing.

While working at an airport in Atlanta, Joey the beagle intercepted foreign plants, seeds and an entire roasted pig during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. No thanks.

In one of the "most unusual smuggling episodes" a woman was stopped while trying to enter New Mexico from Mexico with dream catchers filled with liquid meth.

Between the 1 million visitors and 67,000 cargo containers, the CBP team arrests more than 1,100 people and seizes around 5.5 tonnes of illegal drugs daily.