US boy mauled to death by pitbull

Logan Braatz and Syria Sanders both killed by pitbulls
Logan Braatz and Syria Sanders were both attacked by the dogs (Facebook)

A five-year-old boy has died and a six-year-old girl has suffered serious injuries after they were attacked by a gang of pitbulls on their walk to school in the United States. 

Logan Braatz was mauled to death by the three pitbulls in southwest Atlanta on Tuesday morning (local time). Syria Sanders was also attacked, and is expected to survive after being rushed to hospital. 

Police say three other students tried to pull the dogs off the pair.

Neighbours came out to help after hearing screams, and scared off the animals. Angie Smith recounted the dog's attack on Syria to a local radio station, saying "the dog just ripped into her". 

"I ran to the baby and when I looked down at her I knew there was nothing that I could do" she said. 

The owner of the pitbulls has been arrested for reckless conduct. One of the dogs was shot by police, while the other two were taken away by animal control. 

A grief counselling team has been sent to the primary school to provide counselling for students and staff.