Vegemite ice-cream invented for Australia Day

Vegemite ice cream
The infamous vegemite ice-cream (Frugii / Instagram)

Vegemite - the divisive, Australian-made breakfast spread - is now in icecream form.

The condiment that some liken to tar and some call heaven has been made into a popular icecream flavour by Canberra dessert chef John Marshall.

But it’s only available to a select few. Mr Marshall is making 14 litres to be served at his Frugii Dessert Laboratory on Thursday - Australia Day.

“It’s one of those tastes that if you ease back on it, it’s like an interesting salted caramel flavour,” he told the Guardian.

He’s careful not overdo it with the salty goo though. He only adds 45 grams of Vegemite for each litre of icecream.

And the secret ingredient is salt.

“Icecream tends to flatten out the salty taste, so with many of these flavours, like Vegemite or any flavour with cheese in it, you need to add a bit of salt back in to bring out the flavour,” he said.

Mr Marshall says he knows the unique dessert will not be for everyone.

“I want people to be able to go, ‘Wow, that is actually nice,’ but some people will say, ‘No, that just belongs on toast.’”