Vegemite safely back in Aussie hands

vegemite toast next to an australian flag getty
Vegemite is now once again flying the Australian flag (Getty)


The battle of the tabletop spreads for Aussie and Kiwi breakfast munchers is heating up again now that Vegemite is back in Australian hands.

Australian food supplier Bega Cheese has seized back control of popular Australian and New Zealand grocery products from United States-based company Mondelez International.

The iconic Australian morning spread has been produced by Mondelez since 2012, but has been included in the deal worth AUS$460million. 

Also now back in the hands of the Australian company are well-known and loved products, including peanut butter, nut spreads, processed cheese slices, cheese spread, mayonnaise, parmesan cheese and Kraft Mac & Cheese.

The fight at the breakfast table now means New Zealanders are going to have to choose between a Kiwi spread and an Aussie one.

Vegemite was made in New Zealand for 50 years, before heading back to its Aussie roots. It's still a popular breakfast spread for Kiwis, just falling behind Marmite in sales.

Many New Zealanders swear allegiance to Marmite, made at the Santitarium factory in Christchurch.