Video: Boy left dangling by backpack under chairlift

  • 06/01/2017

A boy has been left dangling from a chairlift by his backpack at a ski field in Utah.

It's the second incident of its kind in a fortnight at the Sundance Resort.

In the latest fall, a 10-year-old boy got caught while getting off the chairlift. It kept moving upwards, leaving him dangling metres in the air for about seven minutes.

Clint Ashmead was a couple of chairs down the lift with his family, and caught the whole ordeal on camera.

"We were in shock and couldn't believe what we were seeing."

He was concerned the backpack was choking the boy, but said he remained calm throughout the ordeal, kicking off his skis and dropping his poles to lose extra weight.

Mr Ashmead said ski patrol members climbed a ladder and pulled the boy back up into his seat.

"We shouted words of encouragement to both the boy and the ski patrol. When he was pulled to safety we all cheered with excitement and relief."

Mr Ashmead said he'd given his three children a safety talk about chairlifts just that morning, after a young boy was caught mid-air by his bag after losing his grip just two weeks ago.

While such incidents are rare, they do occur, Sundance Resort mountain operations director Czar Johnson told Fox News after the first incident.

Mr Johnson encouraged backpack wearers to take their bags off before getting on the chairlift.

A similar incident occurred at Mt Hutt ski field in September.