Video of heroic twin's rescue - a fake?

The video went viral but many are calling it a fake (Youtube)
The video went viral but many are calling it a fake (Youtube)

The incredible video showing a toddler supposedly picking a chest of drawers off his twin brother has been labelled a fake.

The clip showing two-year-old US toddler Bowdy pulling the fallen dresser off his struggling twin Brock has been viewed millions of times on YouTube, and the family have been interviewed on CNN.

·         Toddler saves twin pinned under drawers

But online skeptics have cast doubt over the astonishing feat caught on the boys' nanny cam, claiming it was all too conveniently set up.

Commenters on social media have pointed towards a series of clues, including that the chest of drawers was conveniently empty, and the camera was pointed at the dresser, instead of the bed.

A key piece of evidence seems to be that Ricky Shoff, the father of the twins who posted the video, is a sales manager for Vivint Smart Home. The company sells the nanny cam that was used to film the accident.

"These people have proven that they do not have a problem putting their children in harm's way for a 15 minute bit of internet whoredom [sic]," one Facebook user commented on Ricky Shoff's personal page. 

"The dresser is empty. The nanny cam is facing the chest... I wonder if they rented these kids for this stunt."

 "Nice story but I don't believe the parents were in the house " another said.

"If you have two toddler boys, and a chest of drawers falls over, you would absolutely hear it! Everyone wants to glorify this story but it just doesn't add up."

Neither the family nor CNN have commented on the hoax claims.