Video: The moment car mounts footpath in Melbourne rampage

WARNING: This video contains footage that may be upsetting.

New video has emerged showing pedestrians' terror as a car deliberately runs them over.

The horrifying footage, captured in Melbourne on Friday afternoon, shows a maroon Holden mounting the footpath and tearing through the crowds.

Three people have been killed and 15 injured in the incident.

People scatter in fear in its path - but those too slow are mowed down.

A witness told ABC News the man was driving in a "really determined fashion", with no hesitation before ploughing into the crowd.

"He was just collecting people as he was going along they were just flying like skittles basically."

One man told Sky News that he had seen multiple people with injuries in the mall.

"There was just a lot of blood, just a hell of a lot of blood," he said.

The incident was related to a stabbing in the Melbourne suburb of Windsor earlier today that left a man in a critical condition, police said.


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