Violent protests in Sydney against Australia Day

  • Updated
  • 26/01/2017

(Video by Buzzfeed journalist Allan Clarke)

A police officer has been injured and a 20-year-old man arrested after clashes between police and protesters turned violent at an anti-Australia Day march through inner city Sydney.

Dozens of people were involved in the violent outbursts at the Invasion Day protest in central Sydney.

Police say at 3pm (NZ time) one protester ignited a flag, prompting police to spray the crowd.

The clashes follow the growing debate around the date and meaning of Australia Day. 

Thousands marched through Redfern, the heart of Sydney's Aboriginal community, to Victoria Park in the CBD, demanding that the date of Australia Day be changed to a more inclusive date. 

The sea of red, black and yellow chanted "Too many coppers, not enough justice."

Protests were held around the country, including Tasmania. More than 1000 marched outside state parliament in Brisbane. 

The rally was also to highlight and raise awareness about the high rates of Aboriginal child removals and Aboriginal deaths in custody.



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