Wanderlust couple Natasha Alden and Cameron Seagle travel world on 'a year's savings'

Natasha Alden Cameron Seagle travel the world pursuit
The adventurous couple-Natasha Alden and Cameron Seagle pictured in Ankor Wat, Cambodia (Facebook/ The World Pursuit).

An adventurous couple are sharing their journey about how they saved US$50,000 (NZ$69,146) in one year to travel 50 different countries. 

It took just two romantic dates for Natasha Alden and Cameron Seagle to decide they were perfectly matched to travel the world together.

Ms Alden met Mr Seagle two weeks before graduating university and leaving to backpack through Europe. 

The World Project Natasha Alden Cameron Seagle  travel couple
A snapshot of the couple after they first met met in Norway. (Facebook/ The World Pursuit)

They met in Norway and travelled together for two months, using money they'd saved from weekend and summer jobs throughout university.

They then spent two months in Asia before moving to New York in search of jobs, where they managed to save enough money to travel the world for a year.

"We just wanted to move to New York because that's what people want to do," says Ms Alden.

They rented a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx and that's where the saving began in earnest.

Both Ms Alden and Mr Seagle say being frugal was key to saving for long term-travel.

They worked multiple jobs, including in the film industry, and had an end goal to limit spending to NZ$1378 per person each month. 

They focused on saving and said goodbye to cable TV, buying coffee and eating out, and opened credit cards to gain travel miles or cash rewards. 

By the time the one-year lease was up on their apartment, they'd saved a US$50,000.

The pair booked the cheapest transatlantic flights they could find: US$240 (NZ$332), one-way tickets to Latvia, departing in early 2015.

Nearly two years later, they are still traveling together. They've visited Turkey, Poland, Morocco, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, and Croatia, even New Zealand, to name a few. 

GoPro footage of the couple sailing through Turkish Waters. (The World Pursuit)
GoPro footage of the couple sailing through Turkish Waters. (The World Pursuit)
The pair paragliding in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia (The World Pursuit)
The pair paragliding in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia (The World Pursuit)

Now they're just over half-way through a year driving across Africa. 

"We love getting to off-the-beaten-path destinations and aren't afraid to go it alone," they said.

The wanderlust couple have created a brand for themselves - The World Pursuit -and undertake freelance writing and photography projects, which get distributed on their website, blog and various social media networks.

Lion's Head hike Namimbia Africa The World Pursuit
Natasha Alden after she hiked Lion's head in Namibia, Africa. (The World Pursuit)

Their goal: to share their story to inspire other independent travellers and provide them tips and resources to do so.

Ms Alden says: "If you just say you want to do something but you're not setting goals to get there, you might never get there." 

In their blog they write: "For the time being, we will continue to travel the world until we find a place to call home."