Wild quokka chase as Steve goes on the run

Steve the Quokka on the run
Quokka are famous for their selfie-posing abilties.

Western Australia's on high alert for a rogue quokka that escaped from Rottnest Island on a rubbish barge.

Steve the Quokka was initially mistaken for a big rat when he was seen on board the ship on January 4.

Police issued an appeal for information on their Facebook page, saying they're dealing with a "smart, crafty" fugitive.

"Steve is described as small, cute and furry. He may use his cuteness to trick unsuspecting humans into giving him food.

"As with all escapees, Steve is not to be approached as he may act in an unpredictable manner."

Around 10,000 quokkas live on Rottnest Island, their native home. They've been nearly wiped out from the mainland and are now listed as a vulnerable species.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife believes Steve could be at large in a nature reserve in a Perth suburb.

"If you see a quokka let us know because we want it back," wildlife officer Matthew Swan said.

"This could be quite a frightened and flighty animal that really wants to get away from anything it perceives as a threat and get back to its comfy island home."