Woman kicked off plane for hectoring Trump supporter

A woman has been booted off a plane flying from Baltimore to Seattle after delivering a sneering critique of Donald Trump to one of his supporters.

Scott Koteskey shared a video on Facebook of the middle-aged woman, explaining what happened in the lead-up to her being kicked off the flight.

He can be heard telling flight attendants the woman has been insulting him and calling him names simply because he "came to celebrate democracy".

Before she launched into her critique, Mr Koteskey says she blamed him and other Mr Trump supporters for putting "a crazed man in charge of the nuclear codes", telling him he "should be ashamed" of his choice of President.

She then allegedly called Mr Koteskey a bigot and mocked his lack of critical thinking.

After a great deal of fuss a flight attendant approached the woman and told her she would have to leave the plane.

She put up a strong fight, flat-out refusing requests to leave before explaining that she was mourning her mother-in-law's funeral and just needed to get home - but it was too late, and airport police arrived to take her away.

In another video, the woman is seen being escorted from the flight and making spiteful comments as she walks past other passengers, who applauded her removal from the plane.

Mr Koteskey said that as the woman left, he suddenly became aware of all the people of many races and political views who had backed him up throughout the incident.

"I saw that I was surrounded by blacks, Latinos, Asians, and whites, all who had chimed in asking her to be removed and who had defended me. I was touched and moved knowing later that not all these people were Trump supporters," he wrote in a Facebook post.

"It truly was a great demonstration of AMERICA and its people coming together and standing up for one another."