Zoo Miami euthanises Harambe's grandmother

Josephine the gorilla at Zoo Miami getty
Josephine after her eye surgery last year (Getty)

At almost 50 years old, the grandmother of everyone's favourite internet-famous gorilla Harambe has been euthanised. 

Zoo Miami's matriarch gorilla Josephine was put down after years of struggling with health problems, zoo spokesman Ron Magill told The Miami Herald.  

Mr Magill said zoo staff came to the difficult decision after noticing Josephine was unable to "reach for her favourite treat" on Wednesday morning (local time).

Josephine was born in the wild in March 1967 and came to Zoo Miami in 1983. 

She was the paternal grandmother of Harambe, the gorilla who was shot in 2016 to after young boy fell into his exhibit at Cincinnati Zoo.