2-year-old boy killed in Chicago gang-related shooting

A two-year-old boy became the third child shot in a matter of days in Chicago, when a gunman opened fire on his aunt's vehicle.

Lavontay White was killed in the February 14 shooting, a video of which was posted on Facebook.

The toddler was sitting in the back seat and his uncle, 26-year-old Lazarec Collins, was killed in the front passenger seat. Lavontay's pregnant aunt was driving, and survived with a gunshot to her abdomen.

It is the third gang shooting to involve a child in a matter of days in Chicago.

On the same day, an 11-year-old girl died after she was shot in the head in the weekend, and a 12-year-old girl also shot in the weekend remained in a critical condition, AP news reported.

Police are now investigating the 30-minute video of the incident February 14 incident.

In the footage, the trio are seen listening to music while driving, before shots ring out and screaming can be heard. The video turns black but audio continues of people screaming.

Police believe Mr Collins was the intended target of a gang hit, and have not yet made an arrest, according to AP news