A day in the life of an 11-year-old surf champion

A documentary maker has captured a day in the life of an 11-year-old surfer who jumped to stardom after her hilarious interview went viral.

After winning a local surf competition, Sabre Norris became an internet sensation. She had the hosts of Today  Australia in the palm of her hand in the interview that was seen by thousands.

She was flown to the US and featured on the Ellen show where her unique take on the world captured the hearts of millions.

Documentary maker and writer Derek Reilly was so captivated by the 11-year-old, he wrote an article about how she had become his new favourite surfer. To his surprise, Sabre sent him a letter inviting him to come spend the day surfing and hanging out with her and her two younger sisters and brother.

The family live in a two-bedroom apartment, where the children are homeschooled and have a skate ramp in the backyard.

Sabre's obsession with surfing is only just topped by her obsession with doughnuts, which she prefers to spend her surf winnings on.

Mr Reilly went along with a couple of cameramen and filmed day in the life of the spirited kid and her energetic family.