A lonely Valentine's Day for virtual reality 'widow'

An Australian woman is having a lonely Valentine's Day for one after losing her boyfriend to the claws of a virtual reality headset. 

Calling her actions the result of "VR partner life" Natalie Tran, the blogger behind page 'Community Channel', posted a video showing the tragic consequences of buying your boyfriend a virtual reality headset. 

Ms Tran wished her boyfriend Rowan a 'happy Valentine's' in the video caption, saying 'Here is your present'.

In the video, Ms Tran sings and dances in front of her boyfriend, as he is absorbed in the virtual reality car game he is playing. 

Ms Tran has used the video as a wanting to others, writing "to everyone else, this is what happens when you buy your partner VR."

"Also, have a good day. I'm sending you dirty thoughts". 

The post has received 952 reactions on Facebook.