Angry customer's epic beef with McDonald's

  • 02/02/2017
Big Mac McDonalds
The man claims his Big Mac burger had no trace of sauce, pickles or lettuce. (Facebook)

Enraged with the sloppy state of his hamburger, an angry customer has cooked up a comical complaint to McDonald's that has grabbed the internet's attention.

The Australian DJ, who goes by the name of Yaz, ordered a Big Mac meal in the early hours on Monday at restaurant in Sydney's Castle Hill - but was appalled to discover staff had forgotten the sauce, lettuce and pickle. 

The man's passionate food rant was shared to his Facebook page and now has over 8000 shares and more than 45,000 likes.

He began his letter with " Dr Mr Ronald...I am writing to you today not only as a devastated customer, but as a human now scarred by the events that took place last night."

"I was spending time at my girlfriends house when our session of Gossip Girl was rudely interrupted by my growling stomach...  it was time to visit my good friends at our local McDonald's...... or so I thought."

"As we got closer to the bright Golden Arches, I pulled a hambreak around the corner of McNugget road and Cheeseburger street. My mouth began to instantly water as I smelt what I could only describe with words unfamiliar to the human race." 

After describing the lead up to ordering his burger in the restaurant's drive-thru, he says,"I was unprepared for the horrors and treachery that awaited me... Not only was one of my extra juicy beef patties missing, my entire Big Mac was lettuce free.... Your McSlaves figured out a way to make your burgers less healthy....The burger was dryer than the summer deserts of Dubai."

His 585-word complaint ends abruptly with: "I ask you to find the devil who built this so called burger and send him back to the realms of Hell where he belongs as I am certain that only Satan himself would commit such an act of evil."

Some people have reacted on Facebook saying "wish this guy could've wrote my English lit".

One woman said, "Read this and tell me your not full on belly laughing!"

Others described his complaint as "dramatic" and some have speculated it was a "stunt". 

McDonald's is yet to respond.