Auckland kindergarten calls food shaming note 'over the top'

A South Australian kindergarten which sent a note to a mother criticising a choice in her child's lunch box has been accused by some as "lunch box shaming".

The offending item was a chocolate slice, reportedly baked by the child's grandmother. 

It's got many questioning if the kindergarten was out of line, including head teacher at Auckland's One Tree Hill community kindergarten, Jenni Skerritt. 

Ms Skerritt thinks it's "over the top". 

"I am appalled by that note actually and there's no way we would put a note like that in a child's lunchbox," she told Newshub.   

She said that while their kindergarten encourages healthy eating, a chocolate slice is definitely not a no-no.  

Auckland nutritionist Claire Turnbull said that in her opinion, "there's nothing wrong with kids having a small treat but it depends how often, what the size of it is and what else they're eating in a day."