Australian boy born with brain outside skull

An Australian baby who was born with his brain outside of his skull has made incredible progress, 7News has reported.

Jayden Moyo, now three years old, was born with a condition called nasal encephalocele.

It caused his brain to protrude from his skill, forming a huge growth between his eyes.

His mother Thembe Moyo told 7News that despite being told to consider terminating her pregnancy, she and her husband wanted to have Jayden in their lives.

"We accepted Jayden and we were willing to accept him however he was going to turn out".

When he was one week old, a team of 10 specialists worked to put his brain back inside his skull in a six-hour operation.

Doctors believe he has suffered no permanent damage, and the only further surgery he's likely to have is plastic surgery on his nose.

Watch the video to see his progress