Australian workers humilated if they don't meet targets

Sales reps at a charity funding company in Australia have allegedly been forced to simulate sex acts on each other after they falied to meet daily targets. 

Many of the young sales representatives work for a marketing company called Appco, which raises money for some of Australia's biggest charities. 

A lawsuit against the company is currently in process, with over 730 claimants alleging they were paid as little as $5 per hour working for up to 80 hours per week. 

On top of this, shocking video has emerged from the company which appears to show pseudo-sexual acts performed by men on other men in morning meetings that ABC reports was orchestrated by the managing director of that company. A strobe light  is flashing in the meeting room, as part of the "motivation". 

In the video, one manager can be heard ordering "Do something to him or stop wanking in the corner. He likes it rough. Spank him. "

In another video, employees can be seen "slug racing" writhing on the ground in front of their co-workers if they failed to meet targets. 

In the class action, due to commence in the Federal Court next month, lawyers will allege Appco used an elaborate and complex model of contracting to defeat basic employment entitlements, while also reaping the benefits and profits of running one of the country's largest marketing enterprises.

The average age of the claimants was 22, according to the ABC. 

Appco Group also operates in New Zealand, but general manager Mick Rose says "these practices are completely unacceptable". 

Appco Group NZ says they've never received any complaints or reports about similar activities in New Zealand, and if they saw any similar practices in action it would represent a serious breach of contract, resulting in immediate termination of any relationship with the company.