Bagel leads to bust-up on a train

  • 01/03/2017

Footage has emerged of a fight that erupted after a woman continually placed bagels on a male passenger's head while others mockingly chanted at him.

In the bizarre clip, a group of at least a dozen youths are riding on a train from London to Huntingdon in the early hours of Sunday morning (local time).

The woman is filmed placing bagel after bagel on top of the man's head - and each time he is seen calmly grabbing it off his head, opening the window above him, and tossing it out the carriage.

As that is happening, passengers around him can be heard chanting the phrases 'he's got a bagel on his head' and 'for he's a jolly good bagel' - but he remains even-tempered and there is little indication that he is about to snap.

However, later in the video, the man is filmed turning around to face the woman and other passengers seated behind him, angrily telling them "to get the f*** out of my face".

The Twitter user who filmed the incident, known only as Dougie Stew, told the Daily Mail that it was "the weirdest thing [he'd] ever seen", and that he'd since dubbed it Bagelgate.

"The only word that does it justice is surreal. It was completely and utterly surreal," he said.

Another clip shows a fight emerging outside at one of the stops, before police are notified of the incident and boarded the train, prompting much calmer scenes.