Barack Obama goes on coffee run, draws crowds

  • 25/02/2017

Former US President Barack Obama drew crowds of cheering fans in New York on Friday when he went on a coffee run.

Hundreds gathered to get a glimpse of Mr Obama as he left a building on Fifth Avenue with a coffee in his hand.

There were loud cheers as the 44th President strolled back to his car, waving to the crowd and surrounded by security personnel.

"Speech! Speech!" some cried as he walked by.

He got to the door of his car, put on his sunglasses, made one final wave, and was gone.

"It's 65 degrees and super sunny in NYC and Obama is here drinking iced coffee and waving to people. I haven't seen NYC this happy in MONTHS," Vincent Wright wrote on Twitter.

Approval ratings for recently inaugurated US President Donald Trump meanwhile continue to drop, with a new poll showing the majority of American voters now disapprove of his job performance, CNN reports.