Bizarre behaviour from pilot prompts mass passenger walk-out

A pilot has been removed from a plane in Texas after delivering an unusual, rambling pre-flight monologue.

Witnesses said the pilot called President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton "assholes" and told the passengers she was going through a divorce.

Passenger Randy Reiss filmed part of the incident, tweeting the unfurling events.

"So, y'all. I'm shaking right now. I just left my @united flight 455 'cos the captain demonstrated that she was not mentally in a safe space", he tweeted.

The video shows the pilot telling the passengers she will fly the airplane, before swiftly changing tact.

"Don't worry. I will let my co-pilot fly it. He's a man, OK?

"OK, if you don't feel safe, get off the airplane, but otherwise we can go", she said.

As a passenger gets up to leave, she asks others whether she purposely offended them. 

"So, did I purposely offend you? I did? The answer's yes. But I didn't OK?"

Mr Reiss tweeted that he decided to leave the plane after she apologised if she caused offence - and half the plane walked out with him.

He said that she cried, apologised and told him they should "be on a show together" and write a book. 

Mr Reiss says "being a pilot is a tough and stressful job. This particular pilot did not seem emotionally equipped to do that job today. I hope that she gets the help she probably needs."

He urged people to donate to a mental health charity.