BMW creates flying bike designed by Lego

It is probably every child's dream - to have their Lego creation transformed into real life.

That's what happened when German carmaker BMW teamed up with Lego Technic to create a 603-piece model of their R 1200 GS Adventure motorbike.

But that was the easy part.

The same pieces in the more traditional model were re-used (BMW)
The same pieces in the more traditional model were re-used (BMW)

The Lego team then used the same pieces to re-invent the motorbike - turning it into a futuristic concept flying bike which uses propellers rather than wheels.

In a promotional video released by Lego, designer Lars Thygesen says the R 1200 GS Adventure was the "perfect match" for Lego Technic.

"But it was also interesting to find out what the best motorcycle would look and function like if we removed all the limits."

The prototype doesn't actually work (BMW)
The prototype doesn't actually work (BMW)

The new designed inspired BMW Motorrad engineers so much they decided to create the new model in real life and to stunning effect.

Lego Technic designer Samuel Tacchi and a colleague were excited by the challenge of creating the concept bike.

But he never thought he'd see it in real life.

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There's no word on whether the model will be brought into production (BMW)

"The day we started on this project I would never have expected we would end up with such an amazing result."

Mr Thygesen says he's convinced this "unusual process" had lessons for all involved.

"I'm really impressed how an idea can be created in Lego elements and becomes a valid suggestion on how we can ride a motorcycle in the future.

"Just imagine what you can do with a creative idea and some Lego Technic elements, you can create everything in Lego Technic, even the future," Mr Thygesen says.