Boy finds stack of cash from bank robbery in bin

Ever dreamed of finding a bag full of money in a rubbish bin? Well, it really can happen - just ask a 7-year-old South Carolina boy.

Griffin Steele discovered a hidden stash of cash from a recent bank robbery during a trip to the toy store with his father.

When Griffin's dad stopped for petrol, Griffin found a $20 note with red dye on it. While his father handed it in to the assistant, Griffin went to throw the wrapper from his drink into the bin. 

It was there that he found a large stack of cash, which police confirmed was the money from an earlier bank robbery. 

How much money was found - and how it got there - isn't yet clear.

But Griffin's conscience is. He said he never thought about keeping the money, and told a local news network he "wanted to do the right thing". 


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