Brisbane teen Snapchats vile rant at cabbie

A Brisbane teen has flipped out at a taxi driver who got lost, sharing her a video of herself screaming at him with thousands of Snapchat users. 

Tamika Dudley wasn't very happy with the Black & White Taxi driver and let her Internet following know. 

"I put in the GPS... so follow the GPS, what's so hard... what's so f**king hard about following the GPS?" she said.

"You picked me up and you're a cab driver and you're telling me to get out because you don't know where you're going?"

"I swear to god if you get lost again there's gonna be a lot of trouble... so make sure you know where you're going... swear to f**king god"

She also complained on Facebook, claiming the ride took three times as long as she anticipated and cost her nearly $100. 

The 19-year-old went as far as to physically threaten the driver, who she was "literally going to flog" if he didn't hurry up.

But Ms Dudley is unapologetic, thanking local broadcasters for boosting her following by talking about her. 

Tamika Dudley's Facebook
The 19-year-old has since deleted this post (Tamika Dudley/ Facebook).