Brother takes sister to father-daughter dance after dad ditches family

Brother takes sister to father-daughter dance after dad ditches family Mohammad Hasher
He was voted 'Best Dad' for his actions (Mohammad Hasher/Twitter)

A US teen has been voted 'Best Dad' for taking his sister to a father-daughter dance after their dad abandoned them.

Seventeen-year-old Mohammad Hasher found his six-year-old sister Noor Sabah sitting on the couch and looking sad.

"I was like, 'Noor what in the world are you doing?'" Mohammad told the Huffington Post.

Noor told him there was a father-daughter dance at her school, but she couldn't go because their father had left.

Mohammad told the Huffington Post their parents got divorced in November, and their father abandoned them afterwards.

"There was no hesitation on my end, I shouted, 'I'll take you to the daddy-daughter dance!'" he said to

"She gets on my nerves a lot, but we're so close. We lean on each other for support and depend on each other for happiness."


Noor was ecstatic when she heard the news.

"She goes, 'Wait, are you serious?!'" said Mohammad. "She doesn't like to talk about dad, and I know I needed to be a father figure for her."

He then took Noor shopping for clothes before they went to the dance, where Mohammad won the 'Best Dad' award.

"The night was awesome," he said. "It filled my heart with happiness seeing her dance with so much joy and have fun with all of her friends."

And he celebrated the event by discussing the importance of family on Twitter.

"Got to take my baby sister to her first daddy daughter dance the other night," he tweeted. "Sorry you don't have a dad but I'll always be there for you."