'Cash me outside' girl caught up in bar fight

Danielle Bregoli, better known as the "cash me outside, how bow dah" girl, has been caught up in another brawl - though this time it was her friend throwing the punches.

The popular 13-year-old Dr Phil Show guest became an internet sensation this year after propositioning audience members for a fight with her very thick accent.

Bregoli has continued to make headlines with her outrageous behaviour, which has seen her get kicked off a plane for an altercation with another passenger and make disparaging comments about reality TV star Kylie Jenner and her family, the Kardashians.

She also claimed she "made" Dr Phil a star following her appearance.

And the controversy hasn't stopped - 13-year-old Bregoli and two of her friends have now been part of a brawl outside a bar in Lake Worth, Florida, with another group of girls.

The fight was reportedly started when the other group of girls starting yelling Bregoli's catchphrase, which she and her friends allegedly played along with at first.

However, things soon took a turn when Bregoli became annoyed at their persistent use of "how bow dah", resulting in one of her friends launching a vicious attack on a girl in the other group.

In a clip posted by TMZ, Bregoli's friend can be seen pulling the girl's hair and dragging her to the ground, before running off with Bregoli and her other friend moments later.

In a strange turn of events, two men who were at the same bar start a seemingly unconnected brawl as the trio of girls run away from the scene.

Bregoli rose to fame after an appearance on Dr Phil in September 2016, after her mother chose to confront her on her unruly behaviour with the help of host Dr Phil McGraw.

The teen was thrown off by audience members laughing at her, and threatened them by calling them "hoes" and telling them to "cash me ou'side, how bow dah?", which translates to "catch me outside, how about that?"


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