Child found chewing used condom at US school

St Lucie Elementary School (Google Maps)
St Lucie Elementary School (Google Maps)

A five-year-old has had to be tested for sexually transmitted infections in Florida, after he was found chewing on a used condom.

The boy was playing with his fellow kindergartners on Wednesday (local time), when a teacher saw him chewing something he had found on the ground, Fort Pierce police say.

His mother was immediately contacted and he was taken to a local hospital to undergo tests, which came back clear.

St Lucie Public Schools says there will be an increased police presence and security camera footage will be reviewed in response to the incident.

"In efforts to prevent such incidents in the future, close sweeps of playground areas will become part of routine procedures on campuses across the district," it said in a statement.

Local officer Ed Cunningham said it was likely to be an isolated incident.

"[It] could be prostitution-related thing or could just be a couple that made a bad decision, was out there for some reason or who knows what, but that's why we're going to patrol more to see what we can find," officer Ed Cunningham said.

Similar items had previously been found on the school's grounds in the past, security said.