David Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger on Snapchat: 'I'll be back'

  • 04/02/2017

Former prime minister David Cameron, whose political career was torpedoed by Britain's decision to quit the European Union last June, appeared in a video clip with Arnold Schwarzenegger vowing: "I'll be back".

Hollywood star and ex-California governor Schwarzenegger welcomed his "good friend" Mr Cameron in a selfie-style post on his Snapchat page on Friday, before the ex-Prime Minister delivered a cryptic message.

"I'm here with the governor - he did a great job," Mr Cameron said, before leaning towards the camera to deliver Schwarzenegger's catchphrase from the film The Terminator, "and I'll be back".

Mr Cameron, who campaigned passionately for Britain to remain in the European Union, stepped down abruptly after six years as Prime Minster when the referendum vote went against him.

He left parliament in September and last week was announced as the new President of Alzheimer's Research UK.

Schwarzenegger and Mr Cameron, who share similar centre-right views, had appeared together at an event at the University of Southern California on Thursday evening, according to the university student newspaper.