Doctor accused of molesting 80 athletes

A Michigan sports doctor with the US Gymnastics team has been charged with sexually violating nine young girls - one of them an Olympic medallist.

The doctor is Larry Nassar, and prosecutors say the 22 charges he's been arrested on are the just the beginning.

The first of the criminal cases related to his work at Michigan State university, where he was the preferred doctor for gymnasts in the region who had back or hip injuries. After that he worked with high performance athletes, including Olympic gymnasts. 

Nine athletes all under the age of 16 were allegedly sexually abused.

He has been held without bail in Michigan since September, charged with possession of child pornography and criminal sexual conduct.

Complaints first became public after a local newspaper revealed a series of sexual allegations against gymnastics coaches, prompting women to come forward against Nassar.

More than 80 women have so far come forward with complaints.