Don't mess with our election - France

  • 16/02/2017
A hacker hacking a computer (file)
Russia is believed to be behind 'fake news' sites spreading misinformation in the US (file)

France will take retaliatory measures against any country that interferes in its presidential election taking place in April and May, its Foreign Minister says.

Jean-Marc Ayrault was answering questions in parliament on Wednesday after complaints by the party of election frontrunner Emmanuel Macron that his campaign was the target of 'fake news' attacks by Russian media and internet attacks on its databases.

"We will not accept any interference at all in our electoral process, not from Russia or any other state," he said.

He said in such circumstances France would take steps, including retaliatory measures if necessary, to protect its choice of a new President.

Russia is widely believed to have carried out cyber attacks and a campaign of misinformation during the US presidential election last year, in order to tip it in favour of Donald Trump.

Reuters / Newshub.