Donald Trump to skip White House Correspondents' Dinner

Donald Trump (Getty)
Donald Trump (Getty)

US President Donald Trump has announced he won't attend this year's traditional dinner with White House reporters.

The White House Correspondents' Dinner has been attended by almost every President since the 1920s, and Mr Trump himself attended in 2011 - and was subjected to a roasting by Barack Obama and Saturday Night Live comedian Seth Meyers.

With Mr Trump declaring the press an "enemy of the people", it's perhaps no surprise he's decided not to attend, making the announcement on Twitter.

The dinner happens every year, and sees the President taking a self-deprecating look at themselves, often with comedians on hand to deliver the cruelest blows.

A number of news organisations have been deliberating whether or not to attend this year's dinner, amid growing tensions. On Saturday (NZ time) he blocked several news outlets from attending a White House press briefing - including the BBC, CNN, The New York Times and Politico - but let in friendly organisations, like Breitbart.

It's been speculated Mr Trump's humiliation at the 2011 dinner inspired him to run for office, a charge he's denied .

"I was having a great time. I was so honoured. I was actually so honoured," he said in 2016, praising Mr Obama's comic timing.

Mr Trump in 2011 was making headlines for falsely claiming Mr Obama wasn't born in the United States, and therefore an illegitimate President.

He finally admitted he was wrong in September last year, just before the US election.

The dinner has gained prominence in recent years, boosted by comedian Stephen Colbert's roasting of then-President George W Bush in 2006.